Hitch Protection

Is This movie protected and how can you tell. Hitch R1 WS

DVDD 3540 rips it without problems.


@ carthoris,

Yes “Hitch” contains copy protections.

Suggest visiting SlySoft (http://www.slysoft.com/) and download the latest version of AnyDVD.

The latest version of AnyDVD will remove the encryption copy protection from the “Hitch” DVD.

The below AnyDVD Forum thread contains a discussion about the “Hitch” copy protection.


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Or you could use good ol’ DVD Decrypter, which rips it without problems.

I love the fact that everyone is so quick to dismiss DVDDecrypter just because it’s no longer being actively developed.

Yes, and even if you do run across one that DVDDecrypter can’t cope with, just create a PSL (Protected Sectors List) File. It’s not tough. :stuck_out_tongue: Look here:


At the risk of repeating myself, there’s a limit to the anti-copy dodges that can be tried with DVD-Video and still have the disc work on standalones. I intend to use DVDDecrypter for as long as the present format endures. :slight_smile:

@ Gurm,

Suggest that you view the referenced link I provided Forum member carthoris in my previous posting in this thread and you will find that there are numerous reports that DVD Decrypter has problems with Arccos and Puppetlock copy protections in some versions of “Hitch”. That’s why I provided the link for Forum member carthoris to be made aware of this fact.

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I know. R2 most likely. The person did, however, ask about R1 WS… with which DVD Decrypter has no problems.

I’ll second that. Hitch R1 WS & DVDD 3540 = no problem.