Hitch -> Error with DVD Decrypter


I’m trying to backup a movie that i’ve just bought (Hitch, with Will Smith…), but when i use the DVD Decrypter to disable the protections to make an ISO I get an error message:

I’m trying AnyDVD, but i cant´t make an ISO also…

My recorder is a Pioneer A09XLB with Buffalo 8.57 firmware.

Can someone help me?

Thank you :slight_smile:

do you have anydvd running in the background, if so whats is your version. if its not the latest then try downloading it from the main site of slysoft and try re-ripping it again.

I’ve tried with and without AnyDVD. My version is

When i use DVD Decrypter and AnyDVD together, shall i configure something in DVD Decrypter?

I’ve made some changes to DVD Decrypter options and when it was close to finish the process, appeared this error messages:

Will the movie (in the ISO) be fine to burn?

as babychar said, download the latest version from www.slysoft.com (v5.8.1.1)

And set dvddecrypter to the settings in this post.


Thanks to ET.

Thank you!

With the update of AnyDVD and the configuration of DVD Decrypter from that post it worked fine, with no errors :wink: