Hitch And Closer

I’m using Anydvd 5272 and Clonedvd 2841 when I try to copy these movies I get the warning from Clonedvd as follows “invalid block start code One or more blocks might be corrupted by a prior copying process or by the source devide covering critical read errors. Try copying the video files to your harddrive (again) and retry. (ps 10 vobu 4 42 14 Picturereader)” I,ve tried several brandnew copies of these disc’s with no success although if I cut the first chapter of the movie out then it will copy the rest without a problem? Can anyone help! The other strange thing is that the report from Anydvd does not include the title of the movie as it usually does the rest of the report looks normal.

@ MOVIE1965,

Suggest using the lasted version of AnyDVD v5.3.1.1


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Where do I get as latest version on site is


Try here!!

Which the link above would also have taken you to…

Thank you very much that sorted it. I had already got the web sight up first time around so didn’t follow the link!!

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If perchance you view the link I provided in #2 of this thread you would find it is exactly the same information provide by Forum Member abrown15.

I provide the Forum link so you would be able to view the narrative provide by SlySoft Team Member James. The SlySoft Technical Support Members provide “Beta” versions of SlySoft software to Forum members. When these “Beta” prove to have merit they are then posted at the SlySoft Web Site.

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@bjkp - yep, totally agree with your post. I know you had already provided the link, and your explination why is spot on. The posts that you usually give are full of information, and help us less experienced people out no end. As MOVIE1965 said, he never follwed the link - so I was just nudging him along to the download!!