Hitachi widescreen camcorder uses mini DVD-R and RAM discs

I just posted the article Hitachi widescreen camcorder uses mini DVD-R and RAM discs.

 This 5th generation hardware from Hitachi is 15% smaller 

and with a claimed battery life extension of about 20% over previous models. We can read at their website, that Hitachi has…

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“Achieve an unparalleled home movie experience” — What a BS! Never buy a cam that writes MPEG-2 or similar. When you will edit your videos you will have to re-compress MPEG-2 again that will result in screen artifacts and overall dramatic loss of quality. These cams only good for people who will never think to edit their videos ever. If you will then get miniDV which will allow virtually bit for bit quality after editing.

It seems you know little about video editing… If you use one of this DVD camera with Max quality (VBR 7 Mbps) you end up with a very good MPEG2 NTSC or PAL video. If you really want to edit your video (you can watch it straight away if you want in a normal DVD player, with a MiniDV you MUST edit to make a DVD-Video) just use a GOOD video editing software that really do not need to compress more your video if you set it to DVD-Video standard at 9+ Mbps VBR max rate. It all depends on what you want. A DVD camera makes sense if you do not need or want to edit your clips in a professional (and really time wasting) way. Unfortunately a lot of people does not know about this and you seem one of them… :wink:

Shadowman69 is absolutely correct! I personally use Ulead DVD MF to do exactly that. It has an option at DVD Build phase which prevents already compatible mpeg2 streams from being re-compressed. So actually, I think I might by such a device like this Hitachi. It’s just what I’m looking for since my JVC Mini-DV died.

Um but what if you want to tamper with effects and color’s? Your going to have to recompress and no matter what quality will be lost.