Hitachi unveils the world's first Blu-ray camcorder

I just posted the article Hitachi unveils the world’s first Blu-ray camcorder.

As the high definition camcorder market continues to grow, more manufacturers are turning to producing high definition hard disk, DVD and DV models. Now, with another potential boost for the…

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Would you not be able to hook the camera directly up to the TV, you can with most older models?

@Oz It has HDMI digital output and also has 480p/1080i analog output.

Has limited use until BD PC burners come out as cheap ad DVD burners and DB players are cheaper…

It records at 1920x1080 resolution - but at what frame rate: 1080i? 1080P@24fps? 1080p@30fps? 1080p@60fps? -> I sure hope that it can record at this format! and what’s the difference between the AVCHD codec and simple AVC (this camcorder uses AVC)? Is it only the maximum bitrate?

Ron, are you serious? :B 1080p60fps recording :B

PPeter - don’t patronize me !!!

1080p@60fps recording and broadcasting is not common even with highly sofisticated professional devices.

There is a discussion concerning this at
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