Hitachi to produce 200GB Blu ray discs

I just posted the article Hitachi to produce 200GB Blu ray discs.

According to a news published at The Inquirer, Hitachi will introduce in the market in 2009 a 200GB capacity Blu-ray disc.This high capacity will be obtained creating a multilayer disc, but no more…

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I’ll believe it when I see it. Also, how much will these 200GB discs cost us? Probably will be extremely expensive.

It is 2007 and they are planning this for 2009? I am hoping to see a DIFFERENT technology (be it holographic, flash, magnetic or other) before the end of the decade at affordable prices… I am kinda sick of playing the optical disk game – ~ every decade, increase capacity of 12cm disk by factor of 6 and then for the better part of the decade, wait for prices to come down. How about straining for a something large AND cheap?

Optical media is finished. High performance flash memory and streaming video is the way of the future. Companies like Microsoft know this hence their lukewarm support for HD optical media.