Hitachi Storage doubles hard disk capacity with new nano technology

Hitachi Storage doubles hard disk capacity with new nano technology.

[newsimage][/newsimage]HGSThas announced a new technology that will double the hard disk drive (HDD) capacity.

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Wow, I’m impressed… but is this a SPINNING DISC or FLASH substrate process?!? I’m confused about that… the way it’s described, it could be either or both?!? Crazy!! If anything it would seem a potential to quadruple read/write transfer rates… which would enable higher bandwidth applications such as 4k video and beyond!! Awesome if true!! Knocks HAMR technology out of the park— MAYBE?!? Also a big factor is CO$T b/c as of recent remarks these companies would have to spend BILLIONS of dollars on HAMR plants some of which are currently under construction. Does this change the game… will WD go it alone or partner for this tehnology… and how far along is it to a RETAIL product?!?

Inquiring minds want to know…

Along with the surface-storage, though, comes the Read-Write Head technology. There’s no mention of that. “We have these teeny-weeny chisels and can write so many more hieroglyphics! We just need to learn how to shrink down stone masons!”

Holy Grant Williams, Batman!