Hitachi ships world's fastest notebook hard drive (Press Release)

I just posted the article Hitachi ships world’s fastest notebook hard drive (Press Release).

Hitachi is today announcing volume shipment of the industry’s highest-capacity, highest-performing notebook hard drive with new optional data encryption technology.With double the capacity and…

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Sounds like a sweet drive. I still want a Raptor, though. :X

“Hitachi ships world’s fastest notebook hard drive” - WRONG! SEAGATE has a 10,000 RPM, 146GB notebook hard drive

“Hitachi ships world’s fastest notebook hard drive” - SEAGATE also has 15,000 RPM notebook hard drives:

can a regular SATA controller in a notebook accept a SAS drive?
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Normal SATA cannot control a SAS drive. :frowning:

Paul your totally wrong, that hard drive is for a server not a laptop, a 15k hard drive in a laptop would make it melt!!! Also those hard drives are physically too big to put in a laptop anyway, and the capactiy being 146Gb, they would be going back in technology as Hitachi has a 200GB disk. SAS is the new standard to replace SCSI (OLD technology)

Hey, so I spent $220 on a 100 gb TravelStar 7200 rpm notebook drive to replace my stock 60gb hard drive that failed, and while it was okay for a while (with no noticeable performance increase in my PowerBook G4) I’m afraid after two months this thing is no better. It’s doing the click whirr thing over and over. Here I am laying down another $80 so I can replace it with a cheap 5400 rpm drive that will enable me to use my PowerBook once again. It sucks and I hate it. Stupid notebook hard drives. Stupid notebooks! To this day I tell everyone my hard earned lesson of buying a laptop. Just don’t do it, ever, for eternity. Get a desktop and leave the computer at home! In return you will get a faster machine that’s cheaper and more reliable. If I had only known! :r :r :r Now I’m going to drink a lot of alcohol because I’m really tired of laptops and laptop hard drives. Cheers, everyone.

Um no wrong, currently the hitachi is the fastest notebook hard drive around, the Seagate ones quotes are for servers as they spin between 10k and 15k requiring 12v and not the 5v which laptops produce for their hard drives Putting one of those in a laptop would quickly fry it and stuff your new hard drive.