Hitachi Projector Issues (HDPJ52)



Hi guys, haven’t been on here since cdfreaks days, but hopefully I’m posting this in the relevant area…

I have had a Hitachi HDPJ52 projector now for a few years and for the last year or so it’s been ‘acting up’.

I have it connected up to my home theatre using component video ( yeah, i know HDMI will come, but I need to run cable in the walls instead of unsightly conduit…)…

Anyway, basically what happens is that any BRIGHT lights that occur in the movie, TV, game - flashes… cause the projector to reset itself - I get the ‘No Input Detected…’ message displayed on the screen, wait a few seconds, and the picture returns … it seems this has become more frequent as time as gone on.

I’ve googled 'til I’m blue in the face, checked Hitachi support - nothing.Actually, I did find reference to a similar issue with another brand of projector - which was fixed by a flash upgrade … but I see nothing for Hitachi products.

Is it possible it’s the bulb? As I say, I’ve had it a few years and the bulb has never been replaced - but I’m reluctant to spend $300 if it isn’t the issue…

I haven’t checked the issue with a different input - say, running an HDMI cable for testing - could it be component inout specific?

If anyone has any ideas, suggestions or comments, I’d be interested to hear them. I don’t want to bin this thing - it cost me $4k brand new and has served me very well - and has a great picture.



Welcome back :slight_smile:

This forum section covers anything that shows a picture, so projectors are included. I have one myself (Panasonic PT-AE500E.)

Some projectors (including mine) are equipped with dynamic aspect ratio, which means that the bulb brightness varies according to the brightness of the scene being projected, so one possibility is that when the bulb is brought up to full brightness, its arc fails and requires the projector to “restrike”.

Another possibility is that when a high brightness scene is played, the signalling being sent to the projector over the component is overloading something. Usually this is something I only hear about with audio, where the audio level over-drives the amplifier input and causes distortion.

To check the bulb, power on the projector in a dark room at night and look at the projector, but don’t stand such that you’re in the light source (which may be harmful to the eyes.) When you display a bright scene, watch to see whether the light totally extinguishes or just goes dull like with showing a black scene. If the bulb totally goes out (e.g. no light or a faint red glow), the culprit is quite likely the bulb or its power supply. A work-around here would be to try disabling dynamic contrast if your projector has this feature (see the menu or manual.)

If bulb doesn’t appear to extinguish when a bright scene is displayed, it’s quite possible that the video input is the culprit. In this case, you got two options:

  1. Reduce the display contrast on the PC itself. For example, if you’ve an ATi card, go into the Catalyst Control Center, into the Graphics menu, select “Display Properties”, go into the color tab and reduce the contrast until a bright scene does not knock out of the picture. Then increase the contrast on the projector to compensate.

  2. Try a different video input such as HDMI. HDMI is a digital connection, which means that it’s not as sensitive as the analogue inputs to interference or voltage fluctuations. However, if the projector cuts out like this with the HDMI, then it’s a fault within the projector.


Thanks Sean for such a quick reply. I’d been meaning to post on here for some time and now wish I’d done so earlier.

I’ll give those suggestions a try over the weekend - I’m suspecting bulb but it would be nice if the HDMI input worked as an alternative. We’re planning on moving house this summer, so running a 20ft HDMI cable for a few months might be something I can live with :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the quick response - I’ll definitely get back to you on my findings.