Hitachi Maxell unveils 940GB cartridge using ultrathin DVDs

I just posted the article Hitachi Maxell unveils 940GB cartridge using ultrathin DVDs.


Maxell Ltd. has developed an ultrathin DVD, with a thickness of just 92 micrometers or about 1/13th the thickness of of conventional DVD media. Each disc is double-sided…

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Hm… this is ment for professional use Id say… so it should be reliable and error-correction-friendly! A ~1TB media for 340bucks sounds fair from todays perspective. I wonder how much a reader&writer is… I only see them talking about whole jukeboxes eep! (My tiny 150CD NSM Changer rotting in the cellar was 26.000$ some time in the early 90s :stuck_out_tongue: ) I guess, what I love most about it: Its simple! Unlike InPhases blah for the past couple of years(?) about holographic storage! They took established technology refined it and made it compatible with future optical technologies. Im really looking forward to it!
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hearing gets u thinking seeing get you going and holding is another matter so the jist is when it’s in your hands you can beleive it untill then it’s just well…

enough talk of the philosopher the great, we have more theory than we are able to digest with our little cerebrals :wink: Technically feasible concepts does nothing towards innovatabilities.

Is this yet another star we get to read about at Cbit for the next 20 years. It’s coming It’s coming It’s coming. $400 for a disc a little thicker then a few sheets of paper that can crack in half in a ms. I may be off base but I don’t see anybody putting mission critical data on a ODD. Don’t get me wrong I would love a 250 to 500 gig disc. I just don’t think it’s going to happen in my life time.

it’s not one disc. it’s 100 discs. and they are in cartridge. i’d love to have that. not for 340$ though (and definitely not for whatever those writers are gonna cost…)

For 100 I would pay $340

This is probably verry good news for companys that need large storage, say storing dvd movies and so on. This allso shows, optical media might be slow but it still rules when it comes to storage.

Optical storage has to be one of the worst places to store something your counting on 20 years from now. Nobody uses it.

new 750GB 7200rpm 16MB cache seagate 3.5" hdd- MSRP–>550usd if you need to get data in slow real-time, hdd center + tape backup seems to be a better solution

You sir are a very well rounded far thinking person:)

Me thought the same, and just wonder how cheap those HDDs will be next year. Probably much cheaper than this optical “solution”… Is anyone still interested in these DVD based technology as a professional storage !!! Just wondering…:d

  1. Will DRM delay the release, as it has every other mass storage plan for the last several years, until it is rendered obsolete or user unfriendly by the time it ships? (ala DataPlay, HDDVD, and BR) 2. Any storage medium used for long term archiving will need to be read and written to the next tech at least every 10 years or so to maintain accessability. 3. 1-5 TB sounds huge but we will quickly find a use for massive files and will be hungry for 10TB and 1000 TB storage in a few years. My first hard drive in '93 seemed huge at 420 MB, but held much less storage than my smart phone does now.

There’s no mention to how many read/write cycles does it support. I’ve been using Ultrium 3 on an IBM TotalStorage and those run fine up to 8000. BTW, I think Ultrium 3 is cheaper than this, but who knows… in a couple of years it could get cheaper :slight_smile:

and I forgot to mention Ultrium X is not a random access medium, but for large backups it’s fantastic (if you’ve got a fast system though)

Spintronics drive will be 1,000 times bigger than Hitachi/Maxell