Hitachi Maxell stores 200 movies (1000 GB) on a disc, new DVD technology

I just posted the article Hitachi Maxell stores 200 movies (1000 GB) on a disc, new DVD technology.

Maxell has announced it has developed a technology that will enable consumers to store up to 200 (which would mean 200 times about 5 GB of data, or even …

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Probelm is there will be several other competing technologies here by then. They really need to speedup getting this stuff to market.

Also, do we have any formats that are consumer-writable on multiple layers? This sounds like it might be a read-only format.

This may be overkill. I can’t imagine anyone storing that much information on a single disk. Plus it had better be re-writable. and it better be fast, real fast. Imagine the feeling in the pit of your stomach if you lost or damaged a disc with a 1000 gig on it. :c

Crabbyappleton, that’s what backups are for :slight_smile: You said you couldn’t imagine anyone storing that much. I can definitely make use of a “do-all” disc to stop the constant changing of CDs (and increasingly annoying storage space being wasted on CDs). Are you kidding me, this will be awesome :slight_smile: I could fill the disc in one day with totally uncompressed (wav) audio from my CD collection, for starters (I dislike mp3s and oggs except for sampling new music), not to mention put multiple games and movies on one disc for convenience (and high res images, and multitrack audio projects, and Ghost images of my complete hard drive, etc)

“I could fill the disc in one day with totally uncompressed (wav) audio from my CD collection” Lol, go ahead on! That’s about 20,000 tunes. I think … these numbers are too big for my feeble mind. :g Who knows, By the time it comes out in 2007, this much optical storage might be a must have technology. I wouldn’t bet against it.

oh well, I never say “I won’t ever fill that” any more. That’s what I was told when I got a computer with a 425MB HDD, then one with a 12GB, then with a 40GB. I now have a 160GB RAID-0 array and an additional 60GB storage drive that should hold me for about a year or more. Have about 96GB on them right now!

Crabbyappleton, not just tunes m8 :slight_smile: Tunes and a bunch of other stuff, all one one disc. Believe me, the disc would be filled in 2 days (assuming write speeds are decent, lol)

cynicalbastard, I don’t doubt it. One thing for sure, if this is true, it is a mind boggling advance. It will certainly change the way media is marketed. For instance, you could sell a DVD bundled with all movies ever made by an actor or director.

I don’t think any Video company will sell a disc containing a large number of movies. They want every cent they can get their hands on, so if they do release a disc with a huge number of movies, expect to pay for the sum of the regular movie costs for that disc, if you could afford it and not to mention a safe to store it in :d Uncompressed HDTV video is a different story: 1280x960x3x50=~175.8MB (1 Second) 175.8MB3600=~618GB (1 Hour) 618GBx2=1236GB (2 Hour film). Add audio & lossless compression, and I’m sure we could fit an uncompressed film in HDTV on one of these. ::g

i hope in the future there is some advance on the CD structure, so they can’t be scratched and the disc destroyed. My friend had some old format a while back, PD or something, where it was a disc inside a plastic casing. Anybody with kids in the house will realise how difficult it is to keep your DVD’s safe!

well in 1999 I got a hardrive with 16 gig on it and said I will never use that much. It’s 2003 and I still have 10 gig free. So some people really never do fill it.