Hitachi Maxell expands DVD-R disc capacity

I just posted the article Hitachi Maxell expands DVD-R disc capacity.

Digitimes is reporting that Hitachi Maxell has announced plans to double production capacity for DVD-R discs to 700,000 units or more a month by fiscal year 2002 (beginning April). The company will…

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Wake me when I can copy DVD movies for $2 and play them in my home entertainment unit. Yawn.

Unlike the title of the article says they aren’t expanding the capacity of the DVD-R discs, they are just expanding the capacity of the production. Quite a difference there…

i dont know about the rest of you… but i really do want a dvd drive to back up all my shit onto ONE dvd disc. All my Mp3s on like… 1-2 dvds…and so forth… burning is realy about archiving, not about just about getting movies/games for free… Althought it is rather enticing thought… :d