Hitachi, loses money on DVD recorder sales?

Hitachi, was a late player on the scene, in the manufacter, of DVD recorders, so in order to increase the capture ratio from a mere 3% , they are now offering models from 160 gigabytes, 250 gigabytes, 500 gigabytes and the top of the range model has 1 terabyte, or as they say in the add can record 128 hours in high definition video!(who needs compression with a terabyte drive). The amount of harddrive space is far in excess of what the market leading competition seems to have on offer presently link at msnbc= extract=“Hitachi said the new models would be the first on the market able to simultaneously record two high-definition programs, and it hopes this will be a key selling point given the spread of terrestrial digital broadcasting in Japan.”

And the price?

For 1 TB HD & 2 simultaneous channel recorder. Does it come gold plated as well? I’m sure it wouldn’t cost much more, comparitvely :wink: