Hitachi / LG Optical Drives table by Blackened2687 & czary2mary

At last we can proudly present to you our new table. :cool: As always, it contains information about drives chipsets, clones and optical pickup units (OPUs). Almost all this information was gathered from REAL drives by me and czary2mary - thank you very much! :wink:

So, here is v1.1 of the table! (v1.1, PDF, 60 KB, updated 23 April 2016)

As always, if you will notice any mistake or want me to add more info, please tell about it in this topic or send me a PM. :slight_smile:


Updated version:

  • Added complete information about [B]CH12NS30/38 / UH12NS30[/B] - main chip is Mediatek MT1959USFN, buffer size is 2016 kiB and the OPU is Hitachi HOP-B471
  • Corrected wrong buffer size information for [B]BH14/16NS40/48 / WH14/16NS40[/B] - its real size is 4064 kiB, not 4096 kiB

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[obsolete table removed]

Updated version:

  • Added information about OPU in [B]GH22NS90[/B] drive
  • Changed type of CH12NS30/UH12NS30/CH12NS38 drives from BD-ROM/DVD±RW to BD-ROM XL/DVD±RW, since these drives have BDXL reading capabilities
  • Added [B]Devilsclaw[/B] in “special thanks” section for his [B]Flasher[/B] tool which I’ve used when filled “bootcode” column - I apologize for my forgetfulness :o
  • V0.7 -> V0.8

[obsolete table removed]

[/B]Chipsets Panasonic MN 103SC8GRT + AN22117A + OPU LG LPC 815R

@[B] Blackened2687[/B] -Unfortunately zoom into a DVD DL damaged :frowning:

Updated version:

[li]Added new revision of [B]WH14NS40[/B] drive - main chip is Mediatek MT1959HWDN, buffer size is 4064 kiB and the OPU is HOP-B711 - thanks to [B]jadburner[/B], [B]andyc52[/B] and [B]willmore[/B]! :clap:
[/li][li]Added new [B]GH24NSD0 / GH24NSD1[/B] drives - main chip is Mediatek MT1862AN, buffer size is 512 kiB and the OPU is LPC-D721 (same as in GH24NSC0) - dziękuje [B]czary2mary[/B]! :clap:
[/li][li]Added complete information about [B]GSA-H73N[/B] drive - main chips are Panasonic MN103SC8GRT / AN22117A, buffer size is 2048 kiB and the OPU is LPC-815R - dziękuje [B]czary2mary[/B]! :bow:
[/li][li]Added information about OPU in old revision of [B]BH14NS40/48 / WH14NS40[/B] drives - confirmed that it’s same as in BH16NS40 (HOP-B771) - thanks to [B]jadburner[/B] :bow:
[/li][li]Added information about OPU in [B]BH08LS20/NS20 / WH08LS20[/B] drives - it is HOP-B7300
[/li][li]Confirmed information about OPU in [B]GH24NS50/LS50[/B] drives - it’s same as in GH22NS50/LS50 drives (LPC-818R)
[/li][li]V0.8 -> V1.0

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[obsolete version of 1.0 removed; 1.0 second release found below]

Now, only [B]GGW-H10N[/B] and [B]GMA-4020B[/B] are left to find. [B]GGW-H10N[/B] seems to be the rarest Blu-Ray drive in the world (after SH-B022A, of course). If anyone will spot this drive on eBay,, or other place where used drives can be bought, please write me a PM.

Also, if somebody has this drive, please remove the bottom drive cover and make a sharp photo of the optical pickup label (the label can be also located on the flat cable, connecting the pickup with main board) and see which chips does this drive use in addition to R8J32701FPV. Thanks in advance!

I would add to the table Asus DRW-24D5MT (OEM LG GH24NSD0 \ GH24NSD1) :wink:

Updated version:

[li]Added clones: ASUS DRW-24D5MT (GH24NSD0) - dziękuje [B]czary2mary[/B]!

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(old ver. removed -Albert)

LG GMA-4020B = chipsets 2x NEC + Hitachi (PD85005S1112 / HD153720RTF / PD703101AGJ-33-) +
OPU is very difficult to decipher - model completely unknown … definitely Hitachi HOP most likely one of the first models of the HOP-8xxx …

Updated version:

[li]Added new BH16NS55 / BH14NS58 / BH16NS58 drives - main chip is Mediatek MT1959HWDN, buffer size is 4064 kiB and the OPU is HOP-B711 - dziękuje czary2mary! :clap:
[/li][li]Added new revisions of BH16NS40 / WH16NS40 drives - SVC CODE:NS50, hardware is identical to BH16NS55
[/li][li]Added new CH12NS40 / UH12NS40 drives - no hardware information yet
[/li][li]Added new revision of GH24NSC0 drive - firmware LI00, SVC CODE:NSD0, hardware is identical to GH24NSD0 - thanks to jcroy! :clap:
[/li][li]V1.0 -> V1.1

hlds_table_v1.1.pdf (60.1 KB)

Do you know someone Hitachi models GMA-4020B for the Japanese market?
What have the firmware in addition to the well-known me fw.E02F. What served added to the drive program “Drive Certification Program REV.1.0.”

How about these drives?

Anyone knows whether the DRW-24D5MT have different FW to the LG? LG have good drives, but the writing speeds are limited

Had one in my hands and the answer is Asus also only supports less write-speeds