Hitachi-LG introduces GSA-4162B or GSA-4163B (4x DVD+R DL, 8x DVD+RW, 16x DVD+R CAV)

Since this is no more news and no more an insider-only knowledge, I can post about it. First, read it here.

LG also has a DVD writer that supports 4x DVD+R Double Layer recording. Not only that, LG included 8x DVD+RW and 6x DVD-RW. LG DVD writers often had the most complete and advanced features and this is no exception.

Also, one of the industry’s first P-CAV 16x writing for both DVD+R and DVD-R is included. Before laughing at LG (or me), one can look at the actual PCAV 16x writing. There is 5x DVD-RAM P-CAV as well for both reading and writing unlike Pioneer’s DVD-RAM reading at slower speeds which is pathetic in my views but was considered to be great by some others.

None of these are LG’s monopoly, or Hitachi’s for that matter. Plextor PX-716A has 8x DVD+RW. Several manufacturers have 4x DVD+R DL. Matsushita introduced 5x DVD+R DL writers some time after Hitachi-LG’s GSA-4120B release. P-CAV 16x DVD+R recording was first announced by Toshiba-Samsung two months ago. 16x DVD-R is even less unique. However, GSA-4163B is the first of all to support all of the above.

Some test results will be posted later along with chipset and firmware information. At this moment, LG is working hard with various partners, both companies and individuals, to meet the release date and to make sure the quality and performance are acceptable.

Me want, me want, me want, me want!! :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue:

Very Nice!!! All formats for versatility.

Latest Google results on GSA-4163B.

There’s no more source on GSA-4163B other than the one already posted above.

The only major thing that LG drives still lack is the ability to read PI/PO erros in programs like CD-Speed… :sad:

Kenshin do you know if something is moving in this direction?

Thank You!

waiting for this drive with anticipation :smiley:

My answer should be yes, or no? Yes and no.


Kenny, can you release a little more info ?

Don’t you think I’d have released more information if I could? You’ve seen me long enough to know that. The only alternative is to shut up completely which is what I did at CDRLabs after all.

Read between the lines and if that’s not enough, still keep reading. That’s all I can say for now. If I had more to post, I should have done so long ago. I don’t wait to post if I have something to share and you have known me doing so for years.

Another article written in French.

Certainly, GSA4163B will be released one of these days.

my my…a little touchy. :rolleyes:
sorry to have pissed you off Kenny.
but wanting to know, and knowing that you know and can’t say, is very frustrating.
anyway, i’m as always grateful for your paticipation and the knowledge and info you bring. as you know.
i miss you @ CDRLabs. :sad:

well, i will keep on waiting anxiously for further news when you have it and can share :slight_smile:

Can you stop describing me about whether I am pissed off or over-reacting or not? They are my personal matters and whether I know some things or not is also my personal matter. Nobody has rights to state whether I am a dictator or psycho here. Either you post information that might be of help to someone or ask neutral questions.

What I said above is that you don’t really need to ask the same thing to same person and at the same time over and over to know some things on multiple forums.

And who said I know? Saying so makes it look as if I were reserving some information. You kept asking so don’t say it’s touchy. If you know something, you can either decide to post about it or not. If you know someone knows something, you can only wait. Don’t take any of this personally. You should have known that as one of the moderators at CDRLabs yourself. I reacted not because I was “pissed off” but because you did something wrong. As for going back to CDRLabs, why should I? Saying about killing my own baby on open forums sounds like a fun? What I want is to be neutral. I am here to post and share information about DVD writers and something more advanced than them. Either you can help me to do that better or do something to stop me, no other choice. Saying “thank you” doesn’t matter. Seeing people like jsl and Diseree is what keeps me here. Which is also what I meant in my recent signature. I’ll repeat. None of this is against you personally or any other person but just about a general idea of what a community for DVD recording is for.

how positive are you the GSA-4163B will do 52x CD-R. From all the sites I’ve googled, it seems the CD-R is gonna be 40x and the CD-RW will be 24x. Thanks!!

Do I need to answer that? Why can’t you just accept the way I posted about it? There are two options for you.

  1. Be careful, be respectful, be silent, be patient, and be prudent.

  2. Make haste to buy, donate, contact, make phone calls, fly to Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipie, and Seoul, test drives and media, learn yourself, and tell us about your experiences.

Next time when I have this kind of information, I should tell people on MSN and emails, and on closed user group boards. To help myself not to have to meet too many questions that put me in awkward situations that do harm to my sources.

Kenshin nobody is forcing you to give the information that you have.

There will always be people who want to know everything about new products.
That’s human nature and nothing is wrong with that.

Because you’re one of the few here on CDFreaks who knows alot of the newest things that will come in the near future first, it’s understandable that people ask you the questions.

I accept (if I would have another choice :stuck_out_tongue: ) that you don’t want and/or can give me (or others) the answers.

As an example. You could just say to Jughead: I hoped that it would be 52x for CD-R, but as it seems it will be 40x instead :wink: or just don’t reply on his question. :iagree:

I hope you don’t feel this as an attack, because it’s not meant as one. I just feel some irritation in your answers. :wink:

You’re one of the guys that I respect much, and I hope you can share a lot more info in the future when possible. :iagree:

I’m glad that you’re back at CDFreaks!! :bow: :bow: :bow:

Do you have any idea when you’ll get a GSA-4163?
I’m looking forward to some tests from you.

@Jughead, welcome to the forum.


If you really respect me for what I do here, can you help me by saying “shut up” to those who ask too many questions that shouldn’t be posted on open forums?

And what does all of this have to do with GSA-4163B? PLEASE, if you don’t have something neutral, don’t try to intervene at all. Post information, post suggestions, but don’t ask me personally. That means, DO NOT involve me or anyone I personally know. That kills sources, the very people who spend money and time just to help others while receiving no money from advertisement and no media samples.

If you think I’m irritated, I must say I have no room for such feelings because my life’s already crowded enough with other things. You are just blaming me on my emotion and responses for what others have done. Spamming is not allowed. Spamming same questions on multiple forums at CDFreaks is not allowed. Spamming same questions on multiple forums and multiple sites is not allowed. I’m no more a moderator here, but spamming is still wrong. And you probably know well what I call spamming. If you disagree, I can’t help it, but that’s my way and I also have priorities. I can find better places to post information where the people are more prudent and helpful.

Of course, but it was Jughead’s first post on CDFreaks, so he didn’t asked many questions did he.

My post had really nothing to do with the GSA-4163B! You’re totally correct and this post also has nothing to do with the GSA-4163B. All I wanted to say was: is that Jughead is new on these forums and posted his first question here and he gets an answer that’s (in my opinion) not really “friendly”. I hope that new members are not driven away from CDFreaks because of such reactions.

I totally agree with you: spamming is not allowed!! I don’t know if Jughead has posted on other forums this same question, but on CDFreaks he asked it only once in one thread.

As I said earlier: I’m glad you’re back and I hope you will stay here for a long time and share all the information you can about everything you know.

Propably I shouldn’t have written my first post and this post, because it didn’t help the way it was mented. This could also be because of my english writing, which isn’t that good.

For the last time: Kenny I wasn’t attacking you!! If you did feel it that way: I apologize.

I know that things happened in the past, and I just hope that you can still be the friendly, helpfully and knowledge sharing guy you always were. :iagree:

Don’t let those things influence your live.

I’m not intersted in whether you are attacking me or not. I’m not interested in making a lot of people to visit this place. What I WAS interested in was protecting people who try to help. The only thing you can do to help as well was not posting so much of off-topic in this thread. I’m not going to say I’m sorry to say all of these to you, dodecahedron, and a few others because it’s your faults and none of you seem to admit that but just further blame me.

That it’s Jughead’s first post doesn’t impress me. I knew it and it only makes Jughead look worse to me.

And what does this have to do with being friendly or not? What does I do here that has anything to do with being hostile or friendly? Why is this getting this difficult just to post neutral DVD recordable information? Do you think I like to hear “thank you” from those who read my posts? Not at all. The only thing that could please me is NOT TO HAVE TO FACE these irrelevant posts. I am no more a moderator here, and you know very well I would have deleted most of these posts long ago. That leaves me only one option indeed.

Until dodecahedron posted, there seemed to be no problem. Then, a problem happened because of his posts. Jughead intervened. It became a little more problematic. And then Namoh interfered. It proves what kind of place this has become. This is not the first time I say this but I really think I should post only where only people of over 150 IQ should be posting. Don’t hate me for saying so because you deserve it. When I said My answer should be yes, or no? Yes and no., it was already final and this thread is getting updated no more about GSA-4163B but whether I am kind or hostile. Discuss it in front of a God, but not here.

I’ll tell you one more thing. When something wrong seems to happen, look back, forget yourself, lose your pride, go back to the beginning point, and think about why it happened in the first place, and look for solutions there. This is a thread about GSA-4163B. Then you can start presenting your ideas, suggestions, hopes, and expectations about GSA-4163B in this thread. That is what I expected from people like you and dodecahedron. Instead, you went on pointless arguments that help nobody.

Kenny, you know I have a lot of respect for you, but what’s the deal lately? A few people disagree with you and now anyone that has anything remotely to do with CDRLabs is on your black list? And why are you telling everyone to shutup? People are very interested in the GSA-4163B. It’s only natural they’re going to ask questions.

I don’t mean to drag this subject out any longer, but I needed to set the record straight on this “baby killing”. I was very disturbed by this. I’ve read the post in question and no one told Kenny to kill his baby. Kenny, did someone PM you and say this? If so, please let me know and they will be dealt with.