Hitachi/lg gma-4080b laptop drive probs

i ve had this drive for about two months running on firmware ov35 the drive would nt write properly at 8x but was ok at 4x so i was nt that bothered but yesterday the drive started having problems reading and writing it will only write at 1x(but mostly at 0.7x)and when it is writing all other programs slow down unberably which never happened before when writin at 4x.anyone one have any ideas to remedy this

also just tried to burn a cdr there and it burnt at 5x also the cpu useage is jumping between 60 to 100% surly this is nt right

Is dma enabled?

it says it is in ide primary but in secondry its on pio even though gma is selected if availible

yep seems it was a dma problem went in to editreg deleted some files rebooted and all was back to normal cheers anyway