Hitachi-LG Data Storage is worlds largest optical drive manufacturer

I just posted the article Hitachi-LG Data Storage is worlds largest optical drive manufacturer.

Digitimes has lists of the market-shares of optical disc drive manufacuters. The numbers are gathered by Techno Systems Research (TSR) and show that Hitachi-LG is currently the number…

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I don´t wonder about LG´s first place because I have a LG :+ But TSST at second place although the quality of their drives :r

oh I’m sure there are many opinions on the quality (or lack thereof) of this ‘big macs of the optical industry’ list. Hah. Quality often comes at a price. The key is to build a drive with acceptable compromises (to the mass market) and to be able to supply in quantity - and cheaply. Interesting that well over 50% of the drives sold can at least play back DVD-RAM. Anyhoo, I woulda thought Pioneer would have more market share than that. At least 15%. Guess I was wrong.

This shows the ignorants still dominate this world. But time will catch up to them; just like the monkey will be out of office in 2008. Look at the year over year growth for BenQ and NEC, in the next few years, they will be the King and Queen. If people come to this forum and be informed, they would demand BenQ and NEC in their Dell and HP PCs just like people are demanding Bose speakers for their cars now.

Perhaps you just don’t understand how people use their optical drives because it’s not your job. Try to understand from viewpoints of the managers who have to sell by the millions to the mass market. Quality difference among drives is very difficult to notice from end user’s point of view. Even when you are scanning under CD Speed. And that LG is No. 1 has been the fact for 8 straight years. Samsung got No. 2 seat right from when TSST was created because Toshiba also had some big market share. Lite-On’s share mostly went to BenQ. Combined share of the top Taiwan ODD makers hasn’t changed much. NEC and Pioneer make many DVD writers but they hardly make CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, and combo drives that still represent most of ODD shares. Note that the market data mentions only market share percentage in terms of shipped number of units, not revenues or profits in USDs. Companies like Philips, Sony, NEC, Toshiba, Matsushita, etc. still make a lot of profits even though LG and Samsung produce a lot more number of ODD units.

Not even half of them are DVD writers, so 50% is impossible. About one third of HLDS ODD products are Super Multi.

In addition, click at the source link of You can see another table for slim-type ODDs where Matsushita is No. 1 and HLDS is No. 2. If you combine the two tables, LG still is No. 1, but Matsushita comes before NEC, Pioneer, and even PBDS. It’s also noteworthy that slim-type ODDs are a lot more profitable than H/H ODDs and Japanese makers are still ranking well and BenQ and Lite-On aren’t even in the top 5.

Philips developed the DVD+R format. (and cd, cd-r ) Ofcause they still make alot of profit… royalties. besides PBDS is a 50/50 jv between Philips and Benq. The Koreans (LG, samsnung) are very well capable of mass producing it-products for rockbottom prices. But lack in optical-rec technology. smart move of them to join forces with the japs, Toshiba-hitachi.

Not even half of them are DVD writers, so 50% is impossible. About one third of HLDS ODD products are Super Multi. ------- You’ll note I said READ DVD-RAM, not WRITE. We don’t need ‘Super Multi’ drives to READ DVD-RAM, just manufacturers to have DVD-RAM READ capability in their DVD-ROMs (and DVD writers). I’m sure some still sell some pure CD writers and readers in their product mix but I don’t think it’s significant (could be wrong…). Pioneer sells no pure CD drives here (and probably the rest of the world, and all their DVD products can read RAM). Samsung & LG all make DVD drives that can read RAM, too. If it’s not 50% of drives sold that can READ DVD-RAM, I think it’s very close. Anyway, more jumping on board very soon, too.

@KenShin, judging from your reaction, you thought I took a cheap shot at LG and Samsung. You just didn’t get the U.S. sarcasm. So much for your rubbish “be pure and strong.” :S Just because you spend the whole day in the basement researching optic drives, that does not qualify you as a guru or expert on this subject even if you can quote a few things. The reason LG and Samsung become the market leaders is not because they can sell their drives to end users, it is because their drives are part of Dell and HP’s. How many informed users actually buy LG and Samsung drives from newegg??? Why I even bother with this, you just waste 2 minutes of my time.

I may not be the marketing manager, but I a senior manager who works for a world class software company. It is my job to make sure you are using our OS. Preach the preacher!

agree, with HomerJSimpsons. the OEM market is though. the Koreans are masters in manufacturing optical-drive componenets at lowest costs. (but so are the taiwanese/chinese) . On the other hand Philips and Some Japanese corp likeToshiba/Hitachi/ Pioneer are masters in developing new technology/standards. bowth need each other. Thats why Philips Joined forces with taiwanese benq and Toshiba with samsung.

I don’t need any more yesman, have too many working for me already. You japanese just follows us on focusing on innovation, because that is the only way to survive. Who has more patent everyyear: IBM.

Could anybody tell me about the address of the manufacture of HITACHI-LG DATA STORAGE in Guangdong, China in detail? Thanks a lot in advance!