Hitachi LG BH20N (BH08NS20 COR4) crossflash, slow read speed-freeze issue, cant verify discs


Recently I bought for 30$ two pieces (15$ each, so very good deal i think) of used Hitachi-LG Data Storage drives, BH20N models, both made in JAPAN (with fujitsu-siemens stickers)
LGE - DMBH20L(B) to be exact.
5V/12V = 1.2A / 1.6A
manufactured june 2009, rom ver 1.01

I’ve spent few hours to read about my issue which is probably not a defect (because both drives have it), but some riplock or so.

It is impossible to verify burned successfully disc, even if it starts (it may reach up to 10%) the drive “dies”, led is no longer, it does not respond and even computer cannot shutdown or reboot, i have to use power off or wait 15-30mins or sometimes even waiting does not help.
Same thing applies to transfer rate test in opti drive control, it runs for a few seconds and dies.
Same with copying files burned correctly before (also tested on another drive(s) - it will copy 1 or 2 7-8GB files and “die” at the end of disc with 3rd file same size. When I copy files separately its fine. Quality of read and write is perfect. Its only about the issue of freezing drive.

I’ve already tried to update firmware with success, but this issue is not resolved.
I had FW 1.03 and then 1.15, then tried to crossflash it, checked topics at forum :

and replies of members ala42 and cvs did everything as written (besides EL02-05 which is older than this one I tried nowadays, really confused now which to use)

in failsafe mode its model HL-DT-STBD-RE BH08NS20 COR4 (can i try to crossflash in failsafe mode? anyway probably it wouldnt help either because when i have file with newest as far as i know firmware BH08LS20_2.00-03 (if there is any better or newer out please let me know) - then i use MCSE, and trying to update with crossflashed/patched firmware unfortunately it cannot find drive, the only thing i could do is to speed patch original fw 1.15 and it worked out with speed improvement, because earlier read speed started ~1.70x up to 2,xx , now it starts from ~2,5x probably up to 6, but cant check - drive freezes. I’d like to crossflash it to BH08LS20_2.00-03 speedpatched firmware but cant do it with MCSE.
I read about DevilsClaw’s Flasher instead but after these days forum rpc is no longer existing and cannot find in archive / google either, so please help with these issue(s).
I’d like to have 8x drive with no freezing and ability to verify, not even mentioning disc quality tests which i know LG does not support, but it should support verify function eh?
Without speedpatch up to 6x 23GB bd-r copied for longer than 30 some minutes … as we know it should about 16 for 8x, and 23mins for 6x, it takes ages. How can I burn with drive(s) I cannot verify… makes me sad, please help.
I’m using on daily basis imgburn with verify and even opti drive quality test with liteon ihbs112 pl06 drive, so never had such weird LG-infamous-issues.
Oh and i use it at win XP, so win7 hibernation/driver related issues, fixed with later firmwares does not apply to this case.

After many hours of testing and reading I gave up now, maybe some of you have any ideas that can help with firmware/crossflash, low read speed - freeze - verify things.

FW. 1.15 with speedpatch applied - it takes 45mins to copy 22.8GB


original FW for buffalo BR-X816U2

helped with better speed , copying time changed from 45 to 28 minutes.
funny thing is that speedpatching this firmware made it worse, again ~2x , 45mins
so i stick to this now, other issues stil not resolved …


i dont know what to think about it but change with better read speed is gone with the same firmware it worked faster while ago, now back to original bh20n FW 1.15, wasted a day with it, and no improvements, cannot verify discs or do any other read tests , copying is slow ~50mins for a disc.

gave up for now, please help

thanks in advance