Hitachi introduces energy efficient hard disk drive

I just posted the article Hitachi introduces energy efficient hard disk drive.

The climate change thing is big, everyone talks about it and many, many companies know that this trend is good for marketing at least. Hitachi, one of the worlds harddisk manufacturers is now…

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Max 500GB ? :frowning: I think one regular 1000GB will consume less than two of these. A better move is to offer same $/GB at 1TB HDD and 500GB. I wonder why 1TB HDD are 50% more expensive/GB compared with 500GB part. Maybe 2x more platters will result in 50% more chance that drive is defective :+

If you want bragging rights of a terabyte drive, you have to pay for it. It will always be like that.

It does not have to be LIKE THAT… The components aka the costs are the same whether the hard drive contains 1 or 4 platters. It all boils down to marketing…feeding off those who really need the size and off the rest who were born with a silver spoon stuck at their sphincter. :B

Steel for a Ferrari costs the same as steel for a Yugo, but yet you pay more for the Ferrari. Are you getting my point? I don’t make the rules, man. Look at it this way. Companies make little money off low- and mid-end products. It’s their high-end products that generate the real money. If they don’t have that then they go out of business. Simple economics. No money, no R&D. No R&D, no innovation. No innovation, no customers. No customers, no company. Don’t look too impressed, I read it off a bathroom stall. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol! Early adopters pay for the R&D costs & manufacturing setup costs. Volume production is where companies generate the bulk of their cash - not high-end products. :slight_smile:

Was there enough room for you to write: “For a good time call…” ? Savvy buyers go for the best bang not the fumes from the stall. IF the profit is one penny per GB then surely it’s in the manufacturer’s interest to sell the higher capacity. 1000 pennies vs 500 pennies. Instead they are HOPING to make 2x1000 pennies of u & moi…yeah. Now go check the 2nd stall & see if I’m right… :+