Hitachi Hdd 160gb ata 133

[qanda]This thread is about the Hitachi DeskStar 7K160 - hard drive - 160GB ATA-133. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have a Hyundai Dvd multi player with Hitachi 160gb ata 133 Hdd
:ainstalled, pre-loaded with 12,000
songs (it works fine in player) when I take it out of player and slave in my computer I see properties as follows 0 space free…0 space used…cannot see any files on hard drive at all…windows then asks “do I want to format this drive”…if I double click drive it will start window media player and then play the back ground video, which has 41 chapters with a total runtime of 1hr 40mins. I know there are 4,500+ mp3’s …4,500+ karaoke…and 200+ mtv video’s plus some other music…When I start the player it say “premier 98 pro” googled it without any success…What I need is to ba able to read Hdd so I can remove and replace with newer songs…any guy’s got any ideas…
many thanks…:a