Hitachi Hard Drives Special

Just bought the last one at Best Buy, this week they have the Hitachi (Deskstar Hard Drives) 250GB for $40 after $80 rebate. not sure on how the Hitachi hard drives are but for that price im willing to take the price. Also they have western Digital 160GB for only $50 after rebates. sale ends saturday. Anyone know about the Deskstar hard drives if there any good or not, I know the western digitals are fine.

The Hitachi 250GB, Bestbuy add said 99.99 after 80 MIR. How can you get $40???

hey, Im in NJ and that is what they advertised it for and i got it for. i double read everything and im correct.

Allthough does have 160GB Hitachis for $40 shipped AR (If the special is still running).

$40 is correct. if u can find them on shelf. fatwallet also has rumors bout another $30.00 rebate brining this drive down to $10.00. i didn’t see this in sunday sale flyer, but when i went to bb it was priced as posted, on shelf. there were none left in my bb.

Thanks for the info, heading to BB now.

Well, no more Hitachi 250GB in my local BB. I asked a rep to check. His comp shows $129.99, so that would be $49.99 after $80 rebate. But one line on his screen said “Discontinued” and he explained that means there will be no more drive coming.

However, from his comp I can see a couple stores carry the drive:

  • New Hartford, NY – 2 left
  • Pittsfield, MA – 2 left.

Go get them!

what about philly?

Philly is not in the list, maybe it’s to far away from my local store? There were only like 8-10 stores in the list.