Hitachi GDR 8162B plays dvds but not cds now

i have the trial versions of anyDVD and CLONEdvd loaded [still within the grace/before you buy usable time frame] i have successfully burned and watched dvds using this drive as the dvd player BUT now it will not recognize/play cds. went to hitachi’s web site downloaded latest drivers. updated windows player to version 10. tried to play cds with windows media player and nero player no luck with either says no disc when using both nero and windows. and last but not least my dvd burner[a sony DRU 710A] WILL play the same cds that i have tried to play in the hitachi. tried going to entertainment and clicking to play with no luck there either :bow: :confused:

Replace the Sony with the Hitachi. Retest.

maybe i was not clear enough: i have both drives installed in my dell 4600 and have had them as such when experiencing the previously described problem. ALSO since my original post i opened up the cabinet; moved the jumper pin on the hitachi from “cs” to “master” and hooked the whole thing back up. same results EXACTLY. the hitachi still will play dvds but not cds and the sony will play any disk placed in it dvd cd etc. i guess at this point i am wondering if this is a software or hardware problem. it detects the presence of a dvd inserted but not the presence of a cd inserted
did you mean reversing the 2 in the wiring harness?


Also try the Hitachi on another PC.

bought a new sony DVD-ROM DDU 1622 put it into the same drive bay the hatachi was in fired it all back up and BINGO i can play cds again. i have this habit of thinking it’s always software; this time i guess i was originally wrong in making that assumption :bow: :cool: :wink:

I use an as-loaded image file of W2K and WXP for testing. If the hardware does not run, then it’s RMA time.