Hitachi GD-7500 Drivers to Windows XP

I had searched but i still have no solution.

My problem is that I cant find a driver to DVD-Rom Hitachi GD-7500.

All I found was drivers to win95 and win98, so I cant get put this working on XP.

I dont believe theres no solution to DVD drive get work with windows XP.

Hi and welcome!

as drivers for optical drives are part of modern operating systems there aren’t any available from the manufacturers.
If a drive does not work, then there is some other issue, but not the lack of drivers (unless you messed up your Windows totally, so it needs to be reinstalled after formatting the system partition).
Please explain,

  • what exactly does not work
  • if the drive worked previously
  • what you have done to get it working


Optical drives don’t need drivers in order for them to operate correctly. The ‘drivers’ that you’re talking about is probably the firmware.

I agree with mciahel though. You have to describe your problem in more detail otherwise none of us can help you.