Hitachi GD-2500 Cannot Read DVD-R burnt by NEC ND-2500A

The Data and DVD-Video RiData CD-Rs cannot be read by Hitachi GD-5000 DVD-ROM, but can be read by Sony DVD-RW. The DVD-Video CD-R can be read by Toshiba DVD player.

Do I need a firmware upgrade for Hitachi DVD-ROM?

There’s quite a bit of conflicting information here, is it a GD-2500 or a GD-5000? Are you talking about CD-R discs or DVD-R discs?

What is your current firmware version?

Shoot, my bad! I meant that RiData 4x DVD-Rs burnt by
-> NEC ND-2500A using Roxio Easy CD Creator Basic
-> SONY DW-U10A DVD-RW using Roxio Easy CD Creator Basic
cannot be read by
-> Hitachi GD-5000 DVD-ROM.
Thanks for patience and attention.

The firmware on ND-2500A is the OEM firmware (got it in the end of July 2004). The firmware on Hitachi GD-5000 is original.

I have the same problem with my Hitachi GD5000. I can’t read any burnt DVDs from any dvd burner. Anyone know how to fix it?
Will appreciate the gesture.

I heard that DVD-ROMs may be able to read DVD+R or DVD+RW, but not the minus-R. Do you have one to try out on GD-5000 Hitachi DVD-ROM?