Hitachi DVD (from xbox 360)

Hi there .

This is my first post and may be a little off topic , but the question is actually valid :slight_smile:

Long story , wont tell here cause is complete off-topic .

The thing is : Drive Hitachi - Xbox 360 . When applying firmware , machine hangs and reboot .

Now I have a half-patched drive . I cant recognize it on WXP anymore (even on linux) , so I cant restore the configs .

Question : anyone know how do I can recognize a drive like that back on wxp or linux ? Any hint to hot swap , anything to help ?

I am facing this like a dvd drive with a wrong firmware … If it was a normal dvd, what should I do to solve this ?

Tnkx in advance

“Half-patched drive” is BS.

What you did is wrong, IMO. What firmware and what flasher were used and who in the world told you that would ever work???

Hi there man .

Actually , this is the second time I do that .

The first firmware ran ok , flawless .

Then guys from xbox-scene released a second version w/ a lot of improvements .

Since I did that w/out problems on the first time , I thought that would be nice do it again .

For my bad luck , my machine hanged during the firmware :frowning:

But its working . At least I think so . If I pull the tray , insert a disc and push back , it reads my original games … The eject button is not working , but I can pull/push the tray , got it ? :slight_smile:

That´s why I think it “half-patched” :slight_smile:

The thing is … all I want is find this drive on my windows again , but i cant even recognize it on my bios …

Someone told me to “hot swap” the drive or even worst : plug the drive in Sata with windows running … then it would be recognized and I can reaplly the patch …

It´s kindda risky , but I have no another option so far …