Hitachi DVD-CAM disk problem




I’m not very familiar with DVD and I need help.

I have a DVD-CAM from Hitachi. I had a problem with a dvd-r. I cannot close the session and it can only be seen by my dvd writer (LG) but I’m not able to open any file.

The session cannot be closed by the camcorder or Nero.

I used Isobuster to extract the data but now I have three file with a .tao extension. One has 1 mb, the other one 66 mb and the last one has 1,3 gig. I can’t burn this with nero on a blank dvd.

This dvd is very very important to me. These files are the last time i saw my father before is death. Any suggestion on a way to get the video file ? Any help would be strongly appreciated.

Thank you