Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 1TB SATA II 7200RPM 32MB Buffer Hard Drive only $320 Shipped

Raptor killer in most of the apps in Raid and Non-Raid config
A whooping 32meg of Cache
8X more capacity than Raptor 150 for the same price
Needless to say more


Is Hitachi a reliable brand in HDD market ?
I’ve read in the past about their [B]DeathStar[/B] series of HDDs and how often they fail :bigsmile:

The Deathstar was the IBM days, Hitachi came in and cleaned up that mess. It is very reliable. I have the 250gb older series and it is very reliable and fast

Damn I just bought a 750gb Seagate, I suppose when I fill that up I can remove one of my 320gb and get the 1TB!

Thanks for the link cowboy.

They’re not bad drives. I’ve had one in this PC (250 gig, like ghetocowboy’s) for the last 8 months.

Trotting along nicely, though it’s a little loud. Edit: newer ones may be quieter, I don’t know :slight_smile:

Ive got a
160GB 7K250
250GB 7K250
500GB T7K500

the top two for at least 3 years, the 500gb for about 4months. All three have been rock solid, fast and quiet, Hitachi are a great brand imo and often fogotten, many seem to go for Seagate or WD. The only thing id worry about with the 1TB has 5 platters which may reduce MTBF.

wow 32mb buffer…not too bad :stuck_out_tongue:

it is not just high capacity drive, it is fast. Here are the reviews from anandtech, raid and non-raid config, guess who is its opponent? The Raptor

Oh , now I remember , it was the IBM days when people were forced to put their HDDs in freezers :bigsmile:

It looks like a good drive , but I don’t know whether 32MB of cashe justifies the 120$ price difference between this and 2 Seagate 500GB or not (Seagate is on sale now for 99.99$ from NewEgg) .

Yes it is interm of performance individually unless you raid the pair of seagate drives.

I would get one myself If I dont know any burners and any blank media. Buying it would defeat the purpose of owning good dvd burners and good media for backing up purposes.

Excellent point :iagree:

I’ve had much drives dying on me with important data that I decided to go the Optical Storage route (with quality media of course) , just in case my current drives fail , plus we all know that no HDD space would ever be sufficent :bigsmile: