Hitachi CDRW Driver Problem

I am running XP SP2 with all of the latest updates. My CDRW drive has power but will not read CDs at all. I have an IBM ThinkPad G41 Laptop. The CD drive is a Hitachi HL-DT-ST CD-RW/DVD-ROM GCC-4241N (only CD not DVD). I have uninstalled the driver 3 times and then Windows reinstalled the driver all 3 times but it will still not read CDs. Is this a problem with the driver or Windows ? How do I fix it (without reinstalling the operating system?

:o Gary Phillips

GCC is a combo drive, a DVD-ROM combined with a CD-RW.
Will it read pressed CDs? Will it read DVDs?

I know that specs indicate that it should also be a DVD drive but it is not - only CDs. Do I have the wrong driver?

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Do you have any bootable CD at hand (Windows install CD, Bart PE, Knoppix, Ultimate Boot CD or something like that)? Insert one and boot the computer off that CD (either you have to adjust boot settings in BIOS, or there is a boot menu allowing to select the boot device).
If this doesn’t work also, then the drive is defective. In case the computer is still under warranty, contact IBM/Lenovo support.


Problem fixed!! I unistalled driver in Device Manager 3 times and then let Windows reinstall the driver each time after rebooting. After the 3rd time, CD Drive is working great and readiing all CDs so far!