Hitachi brings us 1st DVD-RAM CamCorder

I just posted the article Hitachi brings us 1st DVD-RAM CamCorder.

Source: CNet News

Hitachi comes with a CamCorder that uses DVD-RAM for storage. For “only” $2000,- you can bring this with you on family meetings to make pictures of your grandma …

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2000 bux! 4500 piek???
welke klojo zou dit nu weer kopen? Eerst die Internetstoel en nu een DVD-camera. Wat komt morgen, een PC met ingebouwde ijskast, voor flesjes bier???(for only $9999,-!)

Well, a fridge inside the PC wouldn’t be such a bad idea. At the latest when Intel presents it’s 5 GHz Processor it will be a necessity anyway.

If Intel releases it’s 5 GH processor you have a computer with a microwave build in.

Never use for a frying pan: use a computer to make ommeletes!