Hitachi announces worlds smallest DVD camcorders



I just posted the article Hitachi announces worlds smallest DVD camcorders.

all those out there that are into camcorders, here’s a couple that are only
52x86x123mm or to those of us that are unable to make the switch to the metric
system, 2.04x3.39x4.84…

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“The DZ-MV780 model has 120 hours of digital recording capacity” 120 Hours!!! :* My friend’s DVD camcorder, Sony, only goes up to 120 minutes.


"The DZ-MV780 model has 120 hours of digital recording capacity " Compression much?


Don’t get excited about the “120 hours”. It is probably a typo. I checked other sites that had reviews about this camcorder and they said “120 minutes”. You would have to have massive compression or massive storage space to hold 5 days worth of video!


DVD is worse than MiniDV because when you edit and recompress the output quality is not good. It is like recompressing DVD movie again. Kills original quality. So, go for DVD only if you never have a need to edit your captures.


Not true. You can easily edit the DVD recordings directly from the disc using something like TMPGEnc author or similar directly with no loss of image quality, the resulting DVD is identical, bit for bit to the original recording. You can do a similar thing with a DVD/HDD standalone recorder. I do this all the time with my old Hitachi DZ-MV100E and Toshiba RDXS32.