Hitachi announces worlds largest (1.2 TB) 10k RPM HDD



Hitachi announces worlds largest (1.2 TB) 10k RPM HDD.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Hitachi today announced worlds largest 10,000 RPM drive, the Ultrastar C10K1200.

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Well, this is obviously for the performance crowd. Us “media collectors” need 4+ TB and <6000 RPM (for better data integrity and reduced noise).


I agree. I wish they’d spend their time moving to the 8Tb and 16Tb capacities and stop chopping down all those rain-forest trees so they can make 10,000 rpm drives with low capacities. We use 300-600Gb Velo’s and those customers love 'em, but when we move those to SSDs, they’ll like those even more, albeit with a bit more User Discipline involved.

This is now a Western-Digital company, too, so I’m expecting far fewer advancements at a much slower pace - and we’re seeing that with HDD prices stuck in a now 2-year-rut. That Thailand Flood musta been something, eh?


Well, as far as external storage I think we’re back to normal pricing. I got my WD My Book 4TB on sale for $170 (reg. $200). The WD Passport 2TB, which was $200 last month, is now $150. It seems like it’s the smaller drives (< 2TB) that are too expensive. I really wish they would hurry up with the helium-filled HDD. I’m guessing it’ll be 5TB.


[QUOTE=DukeNukem;2675590]I really wish they would hurry up with the helium-filled HDD.[/QUOTE] Won’t that make movie character’s voices sound funny? :stuck_out_tongue:


If you really want space, then you’d buy other drives than this one.

If you really want performance, you could buy SSD drives instead of this one.

Is there really a market for this drive given the other choices?


Fry’s is selling Hitachi 4Tb for $199, matching their lowest-ever price point (from 4 months ago?) And they’ve hit it a time or two since then, too, but nothing lower, and only for limited time periods.

I’m seeing 2Tb Internals sometimes drop into the $89-99 range, but also for a limited time period.

And the Seagate DM001 3Tb are touching the pre-flood $139 price-point again, sometimes $135. But the time-limits on these reminds me more of children toe-testing water. Dive in, instead.

Give system builders a chance at volume sales instead of these one-sy’s and two-sy’s. I know we’d push out a hundred RAID5’s with four or five 4Tb drives for customers, but even wholesalers are strangleholds on quantities. They actually want to charge us MORE for QTY>10! No thanks. “How about Qty ZERO instead?” is our reply. We don’t make our profits on hardware - THEY do.

I guess they’re very pleased with their profit levels.

It’s almost as if these now-fewer HDD makers are in leaque with download streamers. “We need to push DRM limitations instead of giving consumers a chance to hold greater data for themselves.”