Hitachi and Panasonic Showcase 16x DVD-RAM Recorders



Both Hitachi LG Data Storage and Panasonic will launch super-multi DVD recorders that will support 16x recording for DVD-RAM. Panasonic and Hitachi-Maxell showcased the results of their co-development of the first 16x DVD-RAM media at IFA, Berlin.

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s report, Panasonic will launch Q1 of 2006 the SW-9586 super-multi recorder that will support 16 x recording for DVD-RAM and DVD-R/+ R. Basic specifications of the drive are illustrated below.

Model Panasonic SW-9586
Type Half-height, tray loading
Interface IDE

                Write         /        Read  

DVD-RAM 16x (6-16x CAV) / 16x
DVD-R 16x / 16x
DVD-R DL 4x / 8x
DVD-RW 6x / 8x
DVD+R 16x / 16x
DVD+R DL 8x / 8x
DVD+RW 8x / 12x
CD-R 48x / 48x
CD-RW 32x / 40x
CD-ROM N/A / 48x
DVD-ROM SL N/A / 16x

The 16x recording for DVD-RAM was achieved by using a newly developed faster servo system, implementing the CAV writing method at 11,000 rpm as well as by using a new writing strategy.

Hitachi and Panasonic dropped the traditional multi-pulse write strategy, and implemented the “castle” strategy, which was also used when recording at high speeds with DVD+RW media. The new strategy, combined with the new phase-change materials used in the DVD-RAM media, would allow high-speed recording.

Maxell has developed the BCM (Bismuth Coupling Material) recording layer for 16x DVD-RAM that achieved a shorter writing time with high speed crystallization in high temperatures. High temperatures while recording at 16x are due to the use of a 300mW laser.

The BCM material will also be adopted by the Blu-Ray media manufacturers. Hitachi Maxell will launch the new media within the year.

Hitachi LG also plans to begin shipping a 16x super-multi recorder in 2006.


Looking at the specification a question comes out to me, will it support writting 5x discs?
And about the writting cycle for 16x discs, will it keep at 100000 or will it be shorter?

  1. 16dvd-ram disk 10000 writting cycles
  2. 16dvd-ram drives support 5xdvd-ram disk write/read
  3. 5xdvd-ram drives NOT supported 16xdvd-ram disks(>5xdvr-ram disks) as i see no read/no write