Hitachi aims for 5TB HDD capacity by 2010



I just posted the article Hitachi aims for 5TB HDD capacity by 2010.

Ever since the first 1TB 3.5" hard disks hit the market early 2007, there has been little news about any higher capacity models, apart from external drives that use multiple hard disks to…

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Wow. Imagine an HTPC with a 5TB drive in it. That’s alot of movies. I know a few people who don’t have the storage capacity of just one 5TB drive, let alone two of them. :wink:


“The drive will use improved perpendicular recording technology, which can achieve over 1TB per square inch.” I believe that is supposed to be 1Tb. Achieving 1 terabyte per sq. in. that early might put the HDD industry on hiatus for a while. :S
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