Hitachi 7K1000 at Best Buy with External Enclosure-199.99

It says they are not in stock and not available in store, but I bought one tonight (and tore it apart…sayonara warranty :smiley: :frowning: ). The drive model is HDS721010KLA330 , which matches Newegg, etc. I have not done internal benchmarks. My store had about six of them.

The enclosure is a pain to get open. Two screws and some serious jimmying.

As long as the drive holds out, I’ll be happy.


Sold Out already

Actually, they aren’t. Unless the last six at my store sold out in the last two hours. I suppose this is possible, but the Best Buy near me is never all that busy. One other thing The drive is listed in BB system as PATA but it’s SATA.

My suggestion, if you live close enough to make it worth your time, is to go to BB and see if they have any in stock.

BTW, the 10% off coupon works as well, making it 180 plus tax.

Benchmark added. Looks like a 7k1000 standard benchmark to me…not sure about the one dip though…

There are plenty in store near my. It’s have bad review as External but i plan to use it as internal in my next HTPC build. Thinking about get another one. What 're you guys think?
Anyway, they have it back online

Also picked one up last night. Using the 12% off coupon, came to $175+tax…just couldn’t pass that price up!
Rings up as PATA on the receipt, but the drive itself is SATA. Already took it out of the enclosure and plan to use it internally.
Am going to try and put an older 250-400Gig drive back into the enclosure to see if that will work.
BTW, the store had 10-12 of them sitting on the shelf.

Thinking about get another one. What 're you guys think?

I was thinking about the same thing…

I’m a bad person to drool about 2tb in Raid 0…bad bad person.

Because I have NO idea how I’d back all that up.