Hit Explosion 10 - Twilight 40




MedoProductions offers Games and Utilities (Twilight), Music (MP3/Hit Explosion) and Programs (Microsoft Office and Windows). We have the lowest Prices and the best Quality.

Hit Explosion Vol. 10 f 20,- (Transportcost included)
Twilight 40 f 20,- (Transportcost included)
125 MP3’s f 25,- (Transportcost included)

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“MedoProductions” offers you FAKE Hit eXplosion 10 cd’s!

If you want the REAL Hit eXplosion 10 …, WE will recieve the cd’s in about 1 or maybe 2 day(s). So beware of this fake Hit eXplosion cd’s that this asshole is selling, and get ya`self a REAL version!

Mail for orders or questions (in dutch or english) to: hit_explosion_inc@yahoo.com or visit our page: www.hit-explosion-inc.com !

hit eXplosion Inc.
-mail- hit_explosion_inc@yahoo.com
-site- http://hitexplosion-cd.webjump.com