History vs. Future

Which takes more of your time and thoughts?

Future. Definatly.

You don’t have a long past. :bigsmile:

How long your past is does not matter, what matters is what has happened in it.

only now and here - don’t think about yesterday; don’t think about tomorrow - this only would make things much more complicated…

Even for very lazy farmers, time’s important because it’s finite and so is a life.

What I meant by you don’t have a long past was a joke because what I meant by “past” in this thread is about the millions of years of human history and the future is about the millions of years ahead of our own times, not the tens of years left in our own lives.

I posted this poll because most South Koreans these days are very much interested in the roots of Koreans. Whether Koreans started north of Mongol or northern China (around Beijing) or Manchu (around Harebin.) They believe the Huns, Mongols of Ghengis Khan, modern Koreans, Japanese are all descendents of the people who lived around the Baikal. But when they discuss the future, they are much less sure of anything.

I am not sure, there is nothing to suggest time itself finite, only the events that happen in it.

When I think of past, I never think of before my own past, all before that I find very distant and hard to relate to, and of little benefit to imporving my own life now (even though the past before my own life affects my life now so much).

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When we say “history”, we usually mean the times before our own lifetimes because it’s more difficult to write history about our own times due to political competitions. It’s easier to write history about 18th and 19th centuries because hardly any politician or corporation’s interested in them. Koreans couldn’t talk a lot about the Korean history under the Japanese rule so only recently have they started talking but still most things are just legends and mysteries. Most things that happened during the Gwangju massacre in 1980 are also unknown because most of the generals and troops that killed the thousands of citizens are still alive with the generals still very wealthy and powerful (each owning like near one billion USDs) and lots of the most important witnesses were killed. So it’s not about after you were born.

Time’s finite because you are not a Harry Potter.

I know nothing about Harry Potter, so I dont know what about him you are refering to. :stuck_out_tongue:

When I say history I normally mean any time before my own birth, for example I consider Saddam Hussein invading Kuwait to be history, even though it happened under one month before I was born, but I would not consider September 11th to be history. Maybe history is when the short term after effects of the event have gone?

Just noticed nobody has said they live in the past, is this because nobody here yet does?, or because people dont like to admit they live in the past.

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10 years or 100 years of difference is negligible if you are looking at millions of years before and after now.

By Harry Potter, I meant something out of the laws and rules of the present universe.

You are editing too often after posting.

Only you and I chose the second option.

History repeats!

Actually no… just people make the same mistakes. =)

Yeh sorry, not changing my point, just rephrasing it.

It depends if you interprit time to mean only the time in your life, or the time before and after, if it is only your time, then of course it is finite, if it is time before and after your own life then I see no reason why it would have to be finite.

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Which is kinda the same thing; same stupid actions made by a different people in a different time. :slight_smile:

Time doesn’t need to have a reason to be finite. It just is.


Both, as you learn from history (sometimes) to make your future better.

I dont understand how this argument works, what says time has to have a “begining” and a “end”?. These are just human concepts, the truth could be beyond what human logic can imagine, and that is, something with no begining, and no end. It is only for humans everything has a “timeline” and so it is natural to think the whole idea of “time” must be the same. Its not a fact, its a open-ended argument.

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