HISTORY: Screwtops on top of cakebox spindles

G’day all,

If my memory is serving me correctly, I remember that the Eastman Kodak Company used to use screwtop securers on top of their 50-pack cakeboxes.

These cakeboxes had a thick black base and an all-over white cover. The screwtop was black.

Also, Pioneer Video Corporation of Japan used to use transparent-coloured screwtops on their 50-pack cakeboxes.

Can anybody confirm this?

Yes…I still have a couple of 50-packs of Kodak Gold Ultimas in screwtop cakeboxes. The cover of the boxes are frosted translucent white with a deep ridge running around the top and a fairly small but thick plastic nut (compared to a Taiyo Yuden screwtop). Overall they have a very “industrial” look.