(history change log) CloneCD released

CloneCD 2006-01-31

  • New: Added overburning for DVD media
  • New: Added support for DVD-R DL media
  • New: When Dual layer DVDs are copied to DVD+R DL media, the
    layer break position of the destination disc will be exactly
    at the same location as the source disc (does not work with
    DVD-R DL media, because DVD-R DL media has a fixed layer
    break position)
  • New: Added display of layer break position
  • New: Added support for Windows Vista
  • New: More logical behaviour of the User Interface when the
    Erase or Progress windows are minimized
  • Fix: CD (not DVD) Image filenames longer than 79 characters
    caused CloneCD to crash
  • Updated languages

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Just downloaded and burned a DVD just 3.9 gig and the program said there was not enought disc space and asked if I wanted to overburn, I pressed yes and it wrote all over again sucessfully, but that should not have happened with 3.9 gig, the disc is good for at least 4.3 gig. The setting was disc to disc.

I just made an image of a DVD movie to harddisk. Then i used a DVD-R disk to burn to.
I did not use max but changed to 4 x speed.
It burned as useal to 100 % and all went all right.
Used cloneCD downloaded from homesite of Slysoft and updated my 5261 version.
No problems at all.
No overburn request or anything else.

This only occurs on the disc to disc function (on the fly) the program does not calibrate the amount of data or free space available to it.


DVD-R has more capacity than DVD+R. Also, you might find that even changes with certain media thn can push the standards recommendations.


One Megabyte = 1,048,576

One Gigabyte = 1,073,741,824

DVD+R = 4,700,372,992 = 4482.6250MB = 4.3775GB

DVD-R = 4,707,319,808 = 4489.2500MB = 4.3840GB

That is not the problem, it has been fixed.