(Historically) Best Sale Prices on YUDEN000 T02 Media?



Just curious … about what the best (or typical) sale prices have historically been for YUDEN000 T02 media.

I’m debating whether to pickup a 100 pk of FUJI DVD+R’s ($39.99 after instant rebate) @ Best Buy today or wait for some better deals in the near future. Looks like there aren’t any deals on these media next week - ie. juding from Ripit’s post for next week’s ads.

From what I can recall, seems the typical sales are around $19.99 / 50 pack or $39.99 / 100 pack for the FUJI +R’s. I think I’ve seen some posts for maybe $35 / 100 pack of TY’s via mail order, but can’t remember if they were YUDEN000 T02’s, which hopefully will burn flawlessly on a BenQ 1620.

Appreciate any comments.


Yes, you’re correct. Last Sunday, you could have gotten another 10% off at BB with a coupon. But, approx. $20 per 50 is the going sale rate. Other people have had good luck with Sony and TDK T02’s, for about the same price - when you can find them.

I like the Fuji media, but would prefer the TDK as (in my limited experience) they have been more free of dust. With the recent price drops, I just may go RIMA all the way.

They burn very well on the BenQ! I’m most happy with the 8x burns.


@ElliotW: Thanks for the suggestions. Rima is very handy site to reference prices and possibly order from there as well.

I noticed the posts about the BB coupon. By the time I had a chance to go to BB, I realized … the coupon had already expired. :frowning: Missed out on that $4 savings (cancelling out tax is welcome at all times).

As for dust … trapped inside the media itself or dust on the surfaces? Strange.



You can get the Verbatim 8x -R’s here for $35 shipped and NO tax:



ninbang: based on ripits sale thread, there is a potential TY sale next week. Visit local bestbuy and check if the TDK 50packs are TY. If there’s no TDK TY then you might want to consider the Fuji 100pack which ends tonight.


I wonder if I should stop by my local Best Buy and see if they have any Fuji TY media left before the end of the sale tonight? Don’t really NEED any more media, but this is the bee’s knees TY media for a great price after all. :iagree:


I grabbed one of the 100-PACK FUJI TY made in Japan cake boxes! :bigsmile: $39.95 - awesome price -


$17.99 per 50 is the lowest I ever seen for maxell TY, sony TY and TDK TY. Maxell TY at office depot, sony and tdk TY at CompUSA. Thats the rock bottom low ever. But the normal sale price, basically weekly price is $19.99 per 50


The Dust is on the writable side. Before each burn, I look at EVERY disc with a flashlight held at an angle. If I see dust, I “blast” it off. I don’t know why, but the Fuji’s (Which I Love) seem to be more dusty than I would expect. Maybe it dosn’t make a difference, I don’t know. I’m just talking about a few specks, but more than I’ve seen with TDK’s T02’s.


OMG :eek: :bigsmile:


Wow!! Searching for a few specks of dust on the business side of a disc … with a flashlight!! Now, if that’s not a DVD Freak, then I don’t know what is. Luv it. You definitely take your burns seriously, my friend. I’m definitely glad Google guided me to this site!

@zevia & ghetocowboy:
Hmm … didn’t even know TDK were TY’s sometimes. I guess I assumed they were CMC all along. I should probably pay closer attention to where they’re made. So, MIJ TDK’s … good chance they’re TY’s? If not, what other Japanese MID would they be? I’m assuming MIT TDK’s are mainly CMC’s.


The lowest price I ever paid for TY was $3.99 for a Fuji 25 pack (mistake on BestBuy.com :stuck_out_tongue: )


… “priceless” … :smiley:


Great find! I have heard good things about verbatim but have never tried them in my nec 3500. Anyone have any experience with speeds and quality with this media? Thanks! :bow:


Hmm … when I checked the link, it said the price is $61.99 ( list price $104!!! ) for 100pk Verbatim -R’s. On the pricey side me thinks. :frowning:


You might want to try the Verbatim +R for $34.44 shipped, no tax. I think they’re on backorder.


I think the best I ever got was $19.99 for 100 Fuji T02s (used a Circuit City BOGO coupon and got Best Buy to match).


Nice strategy … :slight_smile:


I just bought some Fuji-branded TY02 for $39.99 (same as $31 in American dollars) from Future Shop (same company as the Best Buy in USA). Probably not an option for many Americans.
The sale is on until June 16.