Hip-Hop vs. The Law

Why is it that every successful hip-hop artist needs to project themselves as being criminals, even when they grew up in suburbia? Take Ja Rule for example. Her was raised in a suburban community but then started projecting himself as a hard-core gangster. Then a song came out (“Hail Mary”) by 50 Cent, Eminem, and Busty Rhymes that dissed him for the fact, and his sales started to slide. It’s also interesting to see how the law enforcement deals with these young artists, such as the NYPD setting up a special “Hip-Hop Task Force” that monitors their every move.

I though to bring up these topics because I just saw a preview for an upcoming hip-hop special on Court TV being produced by Russell Simmons. It’s called “Hip Hop Justice” (I think), and airs next Wednesday (10/06) @ 10pm. It looks really interesting and hopefully will help put hip-hop in a more positive light.




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