Hints to get "un-banned" from napster

I got banned from napster for doing something that i didn’t even know I wasn’t allowed to do…have a dr. dre song. I want to get back on but i can’t. I tried reinstalling the software, changing my username and password, everything that i could think of and it did not work…Help…!!!

If you have a permanent connection, I.E a permanent I.P address then it can be hard…
Since they ban your IP to… I think…

There are many napster servers around…
Change to another by using a program i cant remeber =( but it is possible!

I’ve downed about 10 dr. Dre songs but they didn’t ban me!

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yo macx you wouldn’t know where i get that program would you???

Hey i heard theres a special crack that unbanns you from napster. if your lookin for the program that lets you connect to a different server then use www.napigator.com. but someone told me that napster puts a file in your system somewhere thats why you can get onto napster. i have dsl at home and got banned off that. i tried connecting to napster through my modem and different screen name and still got that stupid ban message. i was told i could find the napster crack on MIRC. if someone finds it please post it up here.


A while ago there was some news on CDFreaks about if you were banned from Napster!

So check out the news archive I would say

The Unforgiven

hey i searched the archive and found it. heres the file they let you download.

i tried it and it works. oh thank god im back on napster.

or try this:1. Uninstall Napster
2. Click on
Start, Run, type in regedit.
Navigate to this key:
Delete the Napster folder.
3. Now do a search (ctl-f) in the registry for these things one at a time:
Delete every instance that you find of these keys. Hit F3 to continue searching. There are about 3 or 4 instances of each of these keys.
4. Reboot your system. (just in case.)
5. Reinstall Napster Beta6 and choose a new username and password.
you can also use naphack i have used it and it works.
you can find me on napster with the name:kinderhater2
see ya

That hack download works use it !!!