Hint of Hope

There is a post on the Digital Video Forum that a reply from support 12/8/05. Let’s hope things are turning around. No new updates or change at forum though.


Mack, I see that…a sign of life… :iagree:

boys, nice to see, but really, you(Fengtao) have a link to cdfreaks on your official website, and you don’t at least post same here? Like the place most likely your customers would be looking for news…

Excellent point larry. Do we have any expectations or even hope at this point, that Fengtao will actually do the right thing???..Nah!!!

I just hope the updates continue. Like I said before, you, Mack, myself and a few others, ARE the support. I have to mention here also, that Portmac has been exceptional since he came on board from VSO but who knows where VSO’s business relationship is with Fengtao these days.

I agree Larry, fengtao responded to a post over there since the site went down and they are mostly using the free version. The guy who posted had stated he was having problems with Gold so at least a free user was not getting email support with the core of paying users being ignored. When I read that post, I was expecting at least a response to one of the many emails I have sent. I was also hoping someone over here had recieved a email from support because most of mine were to remind him we were still here and that some users were having some problems.