Highpoint RAID Driver Conflict




I have a DFI Lanparty board with a Hightpoint Raid 372A/372N chip on board.
I would also like to use a Highpoint Rocket RAID 100. I do not get a hardware conflict but here is my dilemma:

The BIOS version for the onbaord RAID is at 2.344 and will not work with a later driver version. Anything other than 2.344 and I get data corruption.

The Rocket RAID 100 uses the 302 chipset and is not supported by the older driver - it needs version 2.531.

The driver file names are the same. I have not been able to get both cards working correctly at the same time since one version over-writes the other.

Any advice is appreciated.



Send HPT an e-mail and/or get another controller card, HPT’s controllers are known to suck.