Highmat Convert

Wasn’t sure where to post this at! I used to use Windows XP and made a CDR that contained Pictures/Music on it! I didn’t know XP Video Maker used the Highmat! What Free Software could I use to Rip it and then Convert it to a Format that will play on Standard DVD Players! What Format should I use also! All it will play on now is Computers and I really don’t want to make another Video! By the Way what format does Windows 8 Video Maker use? Thanks

Its been a long time since I’ve even heard HighMat mentioned. I never used the format.

Does it play in VLC media player? If so, you might be able to convert to another format in it. Open VLC, then click Media–>Convert/Save.

Have you tried any of the conversion programs that are normally used to make DVD-video? Examples would be AVStoDVD or ConvertXtoDVD (this second one is not free).

I might try one of the gui’s for ffmpeg also, like Video To Video.

I didn’t think there were any players that even recognized the .hmt format anymore. But what do I know.:smiley: