Highest quality SVCD


I am capturing digital video (over Firewire) from my camcorder to my computer. This (DV) is a losless format, but the size is huge. I am looking forward to store it on a CD with the best possible quality (and also playable on standard players). hence I am planning to choose SVCD format.

  1. When I use TMPEGEnc and try to compress it in SVCD format, the max resolution it allows me is disabled and is lesser than the video’s original resolution. Is this a limitation of the SVCD format?

  2. How many minutes max can I store in the best possible SVCD format?


  1. Yes
  2. Depends on how well your clip compresses.
  1. If you use VBR, you can increase the length of the clip you can record to the CD. One can usually gain 10 - 15 minutes extra without sacrificing too much quality.