Highest Quality, most reliable CD,DVD Writer to date?


Hello all,

I would like to ask if you could give me any advice about the most reliable, highest quality CD and DVD Writer at this date?

Any helpful informations are greatly appreciated

Thank you very much


Any help about the best DVD writer today?


There is not much difference :\

Only a few manufacturers are left with DVD-drives: LG, Liteon, Pioneer/QSI

My last drives from all these manufacturers looks cheaper than older drives and my over 10 years old Benq is at same speed much more quiet.

Actually I prefer LG. Pioneer/QSI, Liteon and Samsung (if still avialable) are to wayward if writing DVD-media. Pioneer likes to slowdown often if writing more than 12x, but in opposite of older Pioneer-drives it don´t guarantees a good burn. Samsung often slow down to 4x at the beginning of writing, Liteon to 6x. And in most/all cases I don´t see a reason for this. And this weird grinding noise the Liteon do if the tray gets closed or the PC turned on is awful.

How long these writers last I don´t know, but what can you expect in the times I pay <12€ for a DVD-writer?


Hello Tester_1,

would you suggest to look for an unused older DVD Writer of better quality than recent drives?

Has the product quality dropped this hard?


That´s not that easy.

It is true than older drives were mostly better in build-quality, reliability and also in noise. But some parts of the drives aging, also it´s unused, like the belts, capacitors, mechanical connection like solder etc.

The next problem is the drive should not be that old because the firmware maybe not known actual media. And (good) older media is not easy to find.

So it´s the easiest way to buy an actual drive for a low price and some earplugs :wink:


Has the burning quality also decreased with the recent models?

What would be the best drive from the past and is it possible to acquire one today?



Very good drives were Benq 1620/1640/1650/1655, Plextor PX-W 755/760, but the most drives are PATA. Pioneer 215/216/217 are SATA

ButI doubt you will good an unused one of these or for a weird price


So I repeat what I wrote you last time :slight_smile:


Thanks Tester_1,

Which DVD Writer is the best today on the market?
Which was the best DVD Writer? Is there a holy grail to find?


The last time I bought a DVD writer, I went on ebay and found a mint condition Optiarc 7200s, which is one of the best SATA drives around. Haven’t used it much since.

I always felt the Blu-ray burners were built to a higher standard, just as build quality for the DVD burners was falling. So my LG GGW-H20L has been like a tank, and I have no complaints about my Pioneer 207MBK as a burner. The Pioneer isn’t the best reader I’ve ever seen.


Thank you Kerry56

Can you tell me at which point and time the quality of DVD Writers dropped so much? With the introduction of Blu-Ray products?

From your point, which Writers could match the Optiarc 7200s at that time?


We started getting Blu-ray burners about 2007 or so. I didn’t buy one til 2008. The DVD burners peaked, then started their slow decline about this time.

About the time the 7200s was around, I chose a Samsung instead. The one I got was the SH-S203b, and it was my primary DVD burner for many years until it developed sticky tray syndrome, which I was unable to fix. That led to the search for the Optiarc. This Samsung was pretty good, but I believe there was a short lived model that was slightly better, the SH-S243. It disappeared from the market very quickly.

Most of the people around here used other makes however, like the Pioneer SATA models already mentioned in this thread, or the few “real” Plextor models that were left. I’d recommend the LG Blu-ray burners from this era over their DVD burners, and that holds true today. Modern Pioneer Blu-ray burners should be good too. You did notice the article about the new Optiarc introduced by VinPower, yes?


Thank you very much,

I saw the article about the new Optiarc, but I am not sure if overburning is the only real feature of this product, which I would not need.
Do you still recommend a BD Writer even one only burns DVDs? Price is not a problem if thats a question.


If you are buying new, then yes, one of the full sized Pioneer or LG Blu-ray burners would be what I would recommend. I don’t know much about the new Optiarc, but they were making good drives a few years ago.


Thank you Kerry56,

as you said one of the full sized, does that mean you are not recommending slim line burners? If so, would you be kind enough to elaborate why?

Pioneer is still manufactured by QSI? Would you recommend both their top tier BD burners to receive a top notch quality product?


I bet the new Optiarc is a Liteon ihas 124FU with a different FW. Maybe unique with features, but I doubt it have the same built-quality like the last real Optiarc/Sony.

I´m also not a fan of Slimtype-drives. The performance is mostly more worse than half-height drives, and I also mean the reliability and write-quality. Some slimtypes are not bad with some media, but the the range is small.

Here we talked about Pioneer:

We not sure who did what, but the Pioneer BD-writers are good; the DVD-writers are maybe a victim of the FW, the actual drives like to overspeed so many media which is not the best.

LGs latest BD-writer is also better than actual DVD-writers (GH24NSD1 looks and feels so much cheaper than 24B0 and 24C0), but overall I would recommend the Pioneer. The BDR-209 is good with most media I used, BD-R and DVD-/+R


Slim drives have proved to be less reliable overall, especially in the mechanics of the drives. My advice has always been to avoid them if at all possible. But we have fewer choices these days, especially if you want an external Blu-ray writer.

The QSI made Pioneer DVD drives were less than impressive. But quality of the Pioneer Blu-ray drives has not nose dived in the same way. Not sure anyone has a detailed explanation of that.


Not sure, but I guess the BD-writers are developed by Pioneer and built by QSI, the DVD-writers are QSIs own developement?

And the price could be also a factor.


Comments on LG Page about WH16NS40 are very bad, 2016 model CH12NS40 has only 2MB buffer, 2MB less than 2015 model WH16NS40, why is that?

Regarding Pioneer,QSI: What is the difference between BDR-2209 and BDR-209EBKB except double the price for BDR-2209?

Only LG offers M-Disk but comments about this are also bad, is thats the reason Pioneer is not offering M-Disk?

So if we come back to writers from the past, which models one should really consider searching for an unused unit, apart from an Optiarc AD-7200S?

Thank you all very much


CH12NS40 can only read BD, it´s a Combo-drive

The buffer-size don´t matter.


Thanks for clarification Tester_1.

Anybody can help with the other questions?