Highest quality format to rip dvd to



Just wondering if you only want part of a dvd and want to rip it what format will keep it as close to the original dvd quality as possible? Also what program(s) are best for doing this? Thanks


Use your favorite ripper (such as DVD Fab) and then use DVD Shrink in reauthor mode. There are plenty of guides for both these progs, a little searching ought to turn them up. This combo will make an exact copy of the part(s) you want.


I’d kind of rather have just a collection of clips though that are easily playable from the hard drive. What would be the best format quality wise to rip to for that? I don’t care about minor quality loss I just wanna know what’s the best one and how to do it cause I’ve only ever ripped to divx.


Use AutoGK to encode to AVI (xvid/mp3) which is good enough for SD material.