Higher writing speed than reading speed?

LG BE14NU40: Writes BD×14, reads BD×12.
SH-S182/S183: Writes DVD×18, reads ×16.
LiteOn IHAS324: Writes DVD×24, reads ×16.

What does explain the limited reading speeds?

Well not much more time to be gained from the 2x increase in read speed on BD drives.
Heat is another concern, anf on dvd going from 16x to 24x can produce a lot of extra heat, and you dodn want that, it can break the DVD, i have seen this happen on read speed of 18x, after that I went back to the firmware that offered the default read speed.
About DVD write speeds, well only few OK, two manufacturers only offered discs that could be burned higher that 18x, MCC and TY, and also give acceptable results.

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Which disc drive and which firmware did you use?

its all from what i have experienced with different drives, for the disc that broke inside the drvie it was an ASUS DVD-/+RW that was modified to read up to 18x on DVD’s.

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Hm, reading produce lower heat than writing :wink:

So I think it´s only a marketing-thing with 24x DVD-write. Big numbers sell better

The only drive which broke media I had was the AOpen Cd-956e with offers 56x CD-speed. But 24x DVD-writing have much more rpm, but like you said there´s only a few discs you can burn higher speed than 18x.

My Samsung 224DB makes noises like hell at my 24x-test, it sounds like the discs spin another speed than the drive itself and the result was a coaster.

Another point is, even if some drives allow you to burn that past, mostly the drives decrease the speed during writing and the burn process isn´t much fatser than write 16x

not always true, writing produces heat for 3-5 minutes, on the other hand playing a divx movie can have the drive spinning at tis maximum speed for almost two hours, and back then divx was the best option to compress your DVDs and in one DVD-R you could fit 3-4 movies.
Plus some dvd-r had very low built quality, all that together and we ended with a broken dvd inside the ASUS drive :slight_smile:

There were a few high speed cd-rom drives, back then I had only two cd-rom’s one from philips 32x or 36x that was awful at audio extraction, max speed was 2x, and a creative 32x ??? that never worked. by the end of 1999 or the begging of 2000 i got the yamaha cd-rw and solved the slow audio rip problem :slight_smile:

Marketing is magic, never understood how it worked, but it did work and it still does.

Huh, you don´t really think someone listen 2 hours to a DivX-movie with that noises :wink: ? And a drive that use highest possible readspeed if it only read some KB/s I never had, and I guess I had more than 50 drives :slight_smile:

If you know a drive with a crazy FW that would do it, please tell me :wink:

But I don´t even know drives which read more than 18x-DVD, and I guess even with 18x most drives need non-original-FW

The AOpen don´t really was a good drive overall, noisy and like to speeddown with many discs.

Rip Audio-CD-Rs was never important for me, I think I used mostly Plextor-drives and a Yamaha CRW-F1. Problems like many other users in the old days I don´t had. Maybe luck, maybe because I did it not often

How does the disc drive modification work to read ×18.

Its all done in the firmware and you will need to have a modified firmware for your drive, like this

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