High temperature on unknown device

I have a Asus P5LD2 motherboard with which I have been monitoring my systems temperatures with Asus’s PC Probe software. I recently installed SpeedFan 4.27 and noticed that along with my CPU and motherboard and HDD temps there is another device which gives erratic readings. Whatever the device is, I am pretty sure the readings are inacurrate b/c they are far below ambient temps when the computer is idle. However, under load, the reading goes up higher than my CPU temps. What could this device be? What could be hotter than the CPU under stress?

Hi :slight_smile:
Try checking it out with PCWizard, it’s free. Get it from here. Along with various other goodies.

Thanks Zebadee,

Turns out it’s my Power/Aux temperature. So is it my PSU?

What worries me now is that after running DVDshrink for an hour the temperature seems to have risen to 124C! But I’m not sure of the readings.

I shut my computer off for 10 ten minutes, and turned it back on. Started speedfan and got similar 11-55ish temps for Temp3. I figured everything was fine, started pcwizard and imediately got temps for 124C again. I attached screenshots of both speedfan and pcwizard.

It looks like it probably is a configuration problem.
At 125c most silicon will not work properly. I’ve never got speedfan to work sensibly with my solitek motherboard so I dumped it. I have an artic cooling case. The fans fitted to it are temperature controlled, including the CPU fan, and are never more than a low background hush. I have used the Solitek monitor the CPU rises to 55c under prolonged stress and stays there, reducing quickly when idling. I no longer monitor the temps as I find it distracting.
Not too helpful I know but sometimes a little knowledge can be confusing. :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
It appears that something is giving a false reading. If PSU fan was working your pc would be airbourne by now. If the PSU fan wasn’t working, I’d expect that sort of temp to trip something out (If this was PSU related). I can only suggest you check all wiring/connections etc. If it really bothers you maybe try running pc with minimum components, then adding 1 by 1 to the setup. This might eliminate/highlight if anything untoward is/isn’t happening.