High spikes towards the end with 1650

I purchased this drive from Newegg
This is with SB on, OS on, WOPC off
Burned at 12x with Nero

is this normal? I’m thinking of returning this drive, but then with the newegg shortage…

Those are excellent scans!! there is no problem with ur drive!

alan2990, it looks like your drive needs a few burns to learn. Compare second burn with the first one and you can already see an impovement. :slight_smile:

Did you eject the disc before running quality scan. Reason I ask this is because there is a difference in those pictures if you compare endsize disc with scanned size.

Give the drive a fair chance to show you what it really is able to perform.

I didn’t eject the disc at all.

I went back and tried QScan and it said 12x was not acceptable, 8x was.
This scan was burned at 8x:

well done alan2990 !

Keep on with 8X SB on and I would also suggest with WOPC on.
My present batch (Unbranded 1159) gives this kind of result pretty regularly. PIF count indicates no exceptional batch but burn settings manage to smooth out the spikes, imho.